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Frequently Asked Questions

Remind me, what is a Community Solar Project again?

Local, centrally located solar systems serving many households. Anyone, including renters, that pay an electricity bill and live in the same region with NYSEG as their utility company, can enroll.

Is the Project operational and where is this Project located?

Yes, the project just began generating electricity and is located in Millport, NY (Town of Veteran) See picture below

Who is Renovus Rock?

A joint venture between Ithaca based Renovus Solar and Syracuse based BlueRock Energy. Renovus Solar developed and constructed the project and BlueRock Energy is responsible for enrolling subscribers, managing the subscription, and working with NYSEG to allocate the credits to the subscriber utility accounts.

How much money down is required?


How long is the commitment?

Contracts can be 1, 2 or 3 years.

How do I make payments?

Monthly electronic withdrawals from a checking or savings account. BlueRock Energy will notify each subscriber with an electronic copy of the invoice prior to initiating the electronic withdrawal.

Is my banking information safe?

Absolutely. BlueRock Energy is an ESCO (energy supply services company) with over 19,000 customers in five states and works regularly in keeping customer information secure. First, contracts that are emailed back are encrypted. The banking information is destroyed and does not reside on any computer network once entered into our secure payment system.

How much does it cost and how much will I save?

The kilowatt hour credits purchased as a result of your subscription will be able to offset all per kilowatt hour supply and delivery charges on your utility bill. The amount you will pay per kilowatt hour will be 10% less than the current delivery rates and the previous 12-month average NYSEG utility supply rates.

What happens if the amount of kilowatt hours allocated and purchased from the Project for a particular month exceed my usage for that month?

Excess kilowatt hours purchased and allocated from the Project will carry over on your monthly NYSEG utility bill to the following month and each succeeding month until used in full. They are not lost as long as you remain a subscriber and in your current residence. Under normal weather conditions, the excess allocation typically happens in a summer month. As a subscriber, the excess kilowatt hours continue to carry over until months where the kilowatt hours allocated and purchased from the Project are less than your monthly usage. This kilowatt hour shortage will typically happen in a winter month. The excess kilowatt hours carried over to these months are used to reduce the shortage.

What happens if the amount of kilowatt hours purchased and allocated from the Project for a particular month are less than my usage for that month?

In this case, your bill from NYSEG will show a net usage amount. If, after applying any carry over credits (see question 9), a net usage amount remains, you will be billed by NYSEG and/or ESCO for such net usage amount at NYSEG’s delivery rates and NYSEG and/or the ESCO’s retail supply rate.

Were any of your questions not answered?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Call us at 1-877-421-0340 or send us an email!

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